What lies within and beyond the great Barrier Wall that was once the Rocky Mountain range? Very few have ventured far enough to find out, but these brave adventurers have stumbled upon an ancient, hidden pathway.

What was believed to be an uninhabitable, hostile terrain, proves to be teeming with life and protecting a veritable paradise for D-Bees; the West Coast, an area of lush vegitation and uncharted potential completely untouched by the dark grip of the Coalition States…

But with the CS occupying Area 51 and the rebuilt Black Market empire of Lost Vegas lying in wait only miles away, so many D-Bees seeking peace and reprieve from persecution are captured.

You’ve been recruited, one way or another, into the very secretive and selective service of the Lost Underground Railway System (L.U.R.S.) who have infiltrated the Black Market ranks of Lost Vegas (and right under ‘the King’s’ nose) to rescue those enslaved persons and are tirelessly working to keep the CS forces of Area 51 from breaching the Barrier Wall and claiming their paradise.

It’s tough, dangerous work. You don’t get much recognition besides a bounty on your head from some of the most powerful beings in this Megaverse. But somebody’s gotta do it, right?

Lost Vegas Railroad